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Mindset Coaching Program

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We provide Professional, Life, Spiritual, and Law of Attraction coaching services.  Please complete the form below for any questions and to receive additional information.

The Mindset Programs are split into three levels: The Declutter, Mindset Tackler and Mindset Mastery. They have been designed to accommodate different needs based on where you are in your life at the moment and where you want to go.  Each program includes one-on-one call sessions and several of the elements listed below. The Mindset Mastery program includes all elements listed.

Program Quick Overview:

  • Transformation needs analysis
  • Your life intake and review
  • Identify areas you want to shift your mindset about
  • Conquer a large goal
  • Learn easy to follow processes and practices to work on achieving your goal
  • Emotional scale tests
  • One-on-one 45-minutes calls
  • Visualization sessions
  • Personal vision statement
  • Identify your individual perspective categories
  • Create a 90-day or six-month roadmap/action plan
  • Create your master manifestation list for seven areas of your life
  • Change your beliefs and become the master of your mind
  • Program curriculum and materials

General Coaching

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You will receive 45-60 minutes call sessions scheduled in advance to occur at a set time and day either weekly or biweekly (based on your needs).  These sessions can be focused on any area you need to work on: Personal, Professional or Spiritual.

We will work on:

  • Identifying the areas you want to focus on
  • Your life intake and review
  • A predetermined goal
  • Your emotional scale
  • Your Individual perspective categories